Municipal Court

Municipal Court
838 East Main Street
Zavalla, Texas 75980
(936) 897-3311
Judge Julie Alston
Office Hours –8:00 am- 4:00 pm Monday through Friday
 As the Judicial Branch of the government for the City of Zavalla, the Municipal Court provides fair and impartial justice to all defendants.  Furthermore, the Court Clerk supports  the Judiciary, assists the public with courtesy and competency and manages court operations efficiently.
  Court Information and Procedures  
NOTE:   The Municipal Court does not answer any legal questions of any nature.  The personnel are allowed to explain Court proceedings and procedure only.  If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.
Each ticket issued sets out an appearance date.  It is very important that the defendant take action on the ticket on or before the appearance date shown on the ticket.  Failure to appear may result in the filing of additional criminal charges, the issuance of arrest warrants and the imposition of additional fines and costs.  At the time of your first court appearance, the defendant will be advised of their rights, advised of the charges pending against them, and they will enter a plea on the case.  That plea will determine if there will be further proceedings on the case.
A plea of not guilty will result in the case being set for trial, either with a jury or without a jury.  A jury will be selected to hear each jury case.
A plea of guilty or no contest (nolo contendere), there will be no trial, a fine is imposed or driving safety course is offered.
Defensive Driving Course is an option to keep the citation off your record.  Approval by judge or court clerk must be obtained.  Completion of defensive driving course form and court fees to be paid at time of approval.  Certificate of Completion must be turned in to court in a timely manner before citation is dismissed.
Payments can be made with a credit card online at or 1-800-444-1187
Please contact the court before making a payment online to get the citation number and correct amount.